Other Watches

We are planning on adding new options into our Phone App.  Here are some ideas that we’ve been kicking around. 


Or in English-speaking countries, regulator:  A watch with hours, minutes and seconds on separate dials, or subdials.  It has the look of a chronograph, and the advantage over conventional analog watches in that the time can be read without hands interfering with each other.  No hand obstructs the time-telling of another.

In the past, doctors favored the regulator when they made house calls, to measure a patient’s pulse.  Also, because of its alleged accuracy, the regulator was once used as the primary “marine chronometer,” in observatories, and as a reference instrument in watchmakers’ workshops for regulating the watches they were building.  Today, with LED and LCD displays, and the accuracy of quartz, the regulator has become somewhat of an anachronism.  However, it maintains a nostalgic appeal, dating back to the late 1700s and its inventor, Pierre Louie Berthoud.

The app timepiece presented to the right (click on image to enlarge) is all of the above, but with two modernizing twists:

1.  The hands within the subdials represent 3 plane geometric figures:  triangle render-regulator-uc(hour), circle (minute), square (second)
2.  The color combinations may require the use of sunglasses…indoors!  At Whacky Whatch App, our intention is to dazzle the senses as well as exercise the mind!

Intentionally, the subdials do not have hour or minute markers, which makes time-telling more challenging and, we believe, more fun.  But there is always a “Help” screen at Whacky Whatch App, if you feel the need.


The time, as shown, is: 2:29:40….more or less!!



I love this one!! I call it the QuatroRetro (for four retrogrades).  I have always admired the action of a vintage retrograde movement, and have attempted to unite this feature with a contemporary look—a bit of pizazz!  The result is a very colorful app image, with a unique way to tell time.  As with the Regulateur, it dazzles as it challenges! Scan 132710000

A study of the diagram to the right will help greatly to understand the time-telling method.  (Click on image to enlarge.)

The dial is divided into quarters, as follows:

1.  The top quarter (maroon) represents hours, and is calibrated from 1 to 12.  At the beginning of each successive hour, the hour hand will jump clockwise to the next number.

2.  The left-side quarter (pink) represents minutes, in increments of 5, from 0 to 55.  As with hours, the minute hand will jump clcokwise at each 5-minute increment.

3.  The right-side quarter (light-green) represents minutes, from 0 to 4.  These minutes are added to the minutes noted in #2.  (See Ex. below.)  The hand movement is also clockwise.
Ex.  To indicate 48 minutes:  The 5-minute-increment hand is on “45” and the 0-4 minute hand is on “3.”

4.  The bottom quarter (dark-green) represents seconds, calibrated in increments of 10, from 0 to 60.  In the time-telling mode at Whacky Whatch App, unlike the other hands, the forward (clockwise) and retrograde (counterclockwise) motion of this hand is easily visible, and fun to follow.

All four hands exhibit a clockwise rotation as time advances.  As the hands reset, they exhibit a counterclockwise sweep (retrograde action), as follows:
a)  the hour hand in moving from 12 to 1
b)  the 5-minute-interval hand in moving from 55 to 0
c)  the 0-4 minute hand in moving from 4 to 0
d)  the seconds hand in moving from 60 to 0

5.  As with the Regulateur, there are few to none hour and minute markers. At Whacky Whatch App, we believe: “The greater the effort, the more gratifying the reward!” 

(Now that you fully understand the time-telling method, can you “figger out” the time in the above diagram???  See bottom of page for answer.)



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