Contests allow two people to compete to see who can answer the most questions correctly in the shortest time.  


Contest Settings



1. Begin by tapping “Contest” in the toolbar: buttons

2. On the Settings screen decide on which of the 5 options to use for the Contest.   Any of the 4 whatches can be used or you can choose to rotate among all 4 whatches.

3. Decide on how many questions will be included in the Contest.

4. Follow instructions to begin the Contest for Player 1.

5. Answer the questions using the Wheel and buttons.

6. When Player 1 finishes, follow instructions for Player 2, who then is presented with the same times.

7. When the Contest is completed, the winner is declared and you then can return to time-telling mode.

Note that your contest time is incremented only when the “Check Answer” button is highlighted. After the “Check Answer” button is tapped, the clock stops until you ask for the next question by tapping on “Continue.”